Powerful guillotine shears belong to the basic equipment of the metal processing industry. The ultramodern guillotine shear AMADA GXII 1230 is a high-efficient and precise machine that enables us to carry out every specific application.


This plate shear uses the experience of previous machines and exceeds their capability by far. Both side standers are connected with the lower cutter bar and the machine table to an unit. The machine body is a torsion-free welding construction. In this way the machine body of the GXIII 1230 gains an extremely high stability. The entry of material parameters such as sheet thickness in the NC-control adjusts the optimal cutting clearance and cutting angle automatically. Several steps can be combined to ensure the cutting of sheets in different dimensions The deflection mirrors of the sighting mechanism make it possible to align the marking line on the work piece to the cutting edge of the knife.

The guillotine shear AMADA GXIII 1230

This machine offers a combination of the updated knowledge about electronics and hydraulic systems with the highest skill levels of mechanical engineering, thus providing optimal cutting results:

  • steel up to 12 mm / width 3050 mm
  • stainless steel up to 8 mm / width3050 mm
  • aluminium up to 14 mm / width 3050 mm
  • unique sighting mechanism for shearing according to the marking