Milling (CNC)

Milling is one of the basic manufacturing methods for metal processing. During milling individual swarf are lifted off the processed material by special tools. These are predominantly metals which are processed to high-precision components by means of milling. Apart from steel further materials such as wood and plastics can be machined too. Due to strong friction very high temperatures are often generated requiring direct cooling at the cutting edges. The modern CNC-practise requires the input of the machining parameters via direct line to the PC. The milling machine, controlled with programs and interfaces operates fully automatically. These modern machines allow operating more precisely and at higher speed.


Our portal milling machines are 4-axis-machines that is optimally equipped with all technical refinements, and due to its size of 3000 x 2000 mm it can be customized to meet specific customers request. This unit perfectly processes products made of aluminium, plastics and wood. We also produce more demanding components such as in the fields of advertising technology, model making and engraving technology. With the help of our portal milling machine we create solutions in prototype construction and, of course, we produce in series. Please challenge us. We are looking forward to your requests.