Barrel finishing

At the barrel finishing the surface of metals is processed. It is the indispensable technique to finish the metal working and guarantees the customer an optimal surface of the produced components. With a rotating motion the edges of the work piece get polished. The correct selection of abrasive media and additives as well as the machine setup leads to different results regarding erosion and roughness. Barrel finishing offers a wide range of application such as deburring, polishing, filleting of sharp edges, degreasung, cleaning, derusting. For instance, the results of filleting the sharp edges are significantly better as with manual processing.

Using the barrel finishing machine the MEWA GmbH processes their small components with high quality and optimal results without carrying out time-consuming and expensive manual processing.

Performance of the barrel finishing machine at a glance:

barrel finishing
  • deburring
  • polishing
  • filleting of sharp edges
  • degreasing
  • cleaning
  • descaling
  • derusting
  • ball-polishing